On 28 April 2010 the European Commission published the SCENHIR’s opinion on reprocessing of medical devices, which was adopted by the SCENHIR on 15 April 2010. This opinion was commissioned pursuant to article 12a of the Medical Devices Directive, which called upon the Commission to “no later than 5 September 2010, submit a report to the European Parliament and to the Council on the issue of the reprocessing of medical devices in the Community. In the light of the findings of this report, the Commission shall submit to the European Parliament and to the Council any additional proposal it may deem appropriate in order to ensure a high level of health protection.” The Commission published its report based on the factual information contained in the SCENHIR report on 27 August 2010.

Although this information as such is not that current at this time, I wrote a an article that I have used as a basis for some other publications in legal journals that explores regulatory obligations both for the OEM as for the reprocessor, as well as product liability consequences of reprocessing, that people may find interesting.